From ideation, research, patents analysis, reverse engineering, business insights we are helping our Clients to develop their business or product. We are not focusing on specific targets but we have a preference for payment systems, embedded systems, chip design, automotive, mobiles, IOT devices and where valuable information is hidden in your data. Thanks our expertise and our tools we will accelerate your ROI.

System design

We are designing and analysing system architectures and prototypes to target your product requirements or to raise funds. The knowledge is transferred to your development team and we can assist them up to the product/service delivery to the market.

Patents analysis

We are analyzing patents from competition and can help your team to apply for new patents to protect your business. Patents are critical because it is a risk if the product is infringing existing patents. We are also helping IP firms to analyze patents and discover prior art or infringing products.

Reverse engineering

We are doing reverse engineering from competition to better define your product, check any patent infringement and validate your differentiation factors. Before starting a new project, it is always good to perfectly know the competition.

Our domains of expertise are including NFC, Artificial intelligence, Blockchain and Security. We are capable of combining some or all of these technologies together thanks to our unique expertise.


We are mastering NFC devices architecture, Contactless readers & cards, antenna design, active/passive modulation, WPC, ISO standards and much more, operating with a frequency range from 125KHz, 13.56Mhz and up to 900MHz.


We can create value from your data by developping machine learning models using Python with Tensorflow/Keras. Source data could be time-series, tables, images, ... injected in simple or deep learning models including CNN, DNN, LSTM, RL, ...


We can define the architecture and develop POC of smart contracts for emerging technology supported by solutions such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Stellar, IOTA ... having their own consensus including POW, POS, DPOS, BFT, ...


This is key to design robust and secured systems, we define architecture, hardware/software protections and much more to protect your embedded system from analysis or physical attacks. We can help as well defining secured transactions flow.


Check out previous and on going projects /research / tests.

Discover our previous and on going work on several technologies and some markets. This section will be completed after having taken care of existing Clients because Clients are coming first in our priorities.
Some NFC design, RF simulations, AI models, ECU automotive reverse, Blockchain smart contracts and much more will be added to this section so stay tuned and visit regularly.


Our latest posts.


NFC active modulation.

NFC Active modulation allows all new NFC compatible mobile phones and connected devices to operate at greater distance than contactless smart cards with a smaller antenna. Simulating effects of tuning, coupling, phase helps to understand the effect of active modulation on the contactless reader antenna.


Welcome to Naixes.

Naixes has been created to bring expertize to Clients who are looking to analyse patents or develop solutions or embedded systems using either NFC, AI, Blockchain and Security. Targeted devices are mainly embedded systems, digital and analog design and system design across several markets. Stay tuned, this section will include some technical post.

About Us

Who we are.

30 years of experience, more than 50 patents families granted in several industry, 2000+ patents analysed for due diligences and passionnated about new technologies. Innovation, open minded and passion are leading me. Transparency, trust, commitment are my key values. For very specific knowledge, I am working with selected partners to bring the most optimal solution to your needs. We have regular milestones review with our Clients to manage the risks.
We are not focusing on a single technology because great innovations are coming from combination of technologies !

Our Work Process.

Explore & Learn.

Align our understanding of the requirements with the Client, challenge ideas, brainstorm are the first steps. Additional market, patent,reverse studies are performed to reduce the risk before the product launch.

Design & Present

Architecture design is performed to create an initial specification/presentation. A high level presentation could be adapted when the Client wants to raise funds (Private/Public). Technology target is proposed to prepare high level budget.

Develop & Validate

A Proof of concept focusing on the core feature or some high risk feature is performed to reduce the risks and validate the feasibility. It could be AI model, Hardware simulation, measurements, prototype PCB, smart contract, ...

Transfer & Follow

Once feasibility is proven with a POC, we are transfering the POC, documents and we are training/following the team of the Client who can master and integrate it in his product development process.

Meet The Team.

Bruno Charrat
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